Hive! 0.0.8

A step further to the freedom of speech and to the Libre Planet!

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Higher Stability

Hooray! Almost all the bugs raised on the GitHub have been fixed perfectly in Hive! 0.0.8. Besides, Hive have became a real multithreaded application, which runs fluently even when the disk or the network is slow.


Smarter Interface

In Hive! 0.0.8, more animation and interactive components are included. You are free to disable or enable them whenever you want. Actually, with Hive's great optimization, you don't need to worry about its performance at all.


Large File Sharing

Here is the fun part. Hive! 0.0.8 introduces a multithread TCP server which is capable of transfering multiple large files simultaneously, which also brings the new feature - customized avatar (introduced below).

Can't wait? Don't hesitate to download a preview version in the Download Page. Remember, not all the functions are completed yet, and more surprises will come with the formal release!

Smart & Interactive

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Share your file faster!

#File transfer server is still under construction, and it will be available on the preview builds very soon!

Customize your avatar with Avatar Editor

#Zooming, scrolling, and whatever you want to make your avatar perfect.

Easier interaction & intuitive guidance

#Now you can switch to Chat tab by hovering it using your mouse, which is much easier. Arranging contacts by dragging is under development.

Activate by clicking on Dock Icon

#Finally, this works!

Run Everywhere

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Hive supports all Windows systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. This is a screenshot taken on Windows 10 when Hive is running full screen.


Hive for Mac supports versions from 10.9 to 10.12. Here's a screenshot of Hive running in Mac OS X 10.10.


This is how it looks like when Hive runs on Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux system.

Embedded Linux

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer. This is an screenshot of Hive running on Raspberry Pi with ARM embedded Linux system, 800MHz CPU and 1GB RAM. Hive is working super fluently on this device, so no more worry about the performance. Check out source code Hive for Raspberry Pi

Now, Start the Adventure!

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