Hive 0.0.7 doesn't support old versions any more! Please read the message below!

Hive 0.0.7 不支持和旧版本Hive聊天了! 请看下面的信息!


Hive is going to have a huge upgrade in the next two versions. In order to give it a better future, the way of communication will be changed significantly. From Hive 0.0.7, it will not support chatting with older versions. However, don't worry about it, because from Hive 0.0.7 the update assistant will help you keep your Hive new and fresh.

为了增强在较差网络环境里聊天的稳定性以及给Hive一个更好的未来,从Hive 0.0.7开始将无法与旧版本Hive聊天。别担心,从0.0.7开始,Hive有了软件更新功能,只要保持最新就什么都不怕啦!

Update on current version 0.0.7:

1. Notifications on message received

2. Update assistant

3. Main Icon update

4. Show unread message count (badge number)

5. Font optimization for Windows

6. More settings (notifications, update reminder, app data...)

7. History cleaner and reset

8. Fixed unexpected quit caused by unrecognized user

9. Improved chat area switch algorithm to reduce memory

1. 增加消息通知

2. 增加软件更新服务

3. 更换了图标

4. 显示未读消息数目(小红点)

5. 针对Windows的字体优化

6. 更多设置(消息通知,更新通知,数据占用)

7. 历史记录清理功能

8. 解决未知用户发消息导致的意外退出

9. 优化切换聊天窗算法,减少内存(增加了一点切换时cpu瞬时消耗,将于0.0.8彻底解决任何消耗)