Hive! 0.0.7

A cute chat software working without Internet.

0.0.8 is coming!

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High Performance

Hive is built by pure C++ with Qt library, which ensures Hive can run on old computers. It is a cross platform Chat Software which runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.


User Experience Focused

All the icons and UI components are designed to give a smooth and friendly user experience of messaging. Lovely images and interaction fully applied.


Simple to Join

It is easy to get started with Hive. The only thing you do is download it and invite you friends to join your network. We are always open to feedback and answer any questions about LAN chatting.

User Interface - keep simple, keep young

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a nice Welcome, a nice Day

enthusiasm from every detail

chat freely, no online record

#New: Message notification!

addictive experience

#Hint: when thinking about something...

Cross Platform - stable performance everywhere

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Hive supports all Windows systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. This is a screenshot taken on Windows 10 when Hive is running full screen.


Hive for Mac supports versions from 10.9 to 10.12. Here's a screenshot of Hive running in Mac OS X 10.10.


This is how it looks like when Hive runs on Ubuntu, a distribution of Linux system.

Embedded Linux

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized computer. This is an screenshot of Hive running on Raspberry Pi with ARM embedded Linux system, 800MHz CPU and 1GB RAM. Hive is working super fluently on this device, so no more worry about the performance. Check out source code Hive for Raspberry Pi

Now, Start the Adventure!

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